Glamour Queen   


It was the year 2000, during the completion of her Beauty Therapy Diploma that Joanna was discovered by her makeup artist teacher, to be a talented eyebrow stylist. Upon this discovery, her fellow classmates were ordered to have their brows sculpted by Joanna and she quickly became known as the eyebrow queen!


Not sure what to do with her new found talent, Joanna serviced her classmates, until one day, her neighbour, Nancy, noticed her brows, “You have model eyebrows! You have to tell me who shapes them!?” she announced.  Joanna explained it was her work and her neighbour demanded a brow shape immediately! 


Nancy, through her excitement of making such a discovery, acted as a PR agent, telling all her friends about this marvellous service, a  brow stylist that could give anyone an arch! Joanna would receive calls from Nancy constantly, “Are you home? Come over for a pluck! I have a friend here who has to get her brows shaped!” This went on for some time, until Joanna started working from within a local hair salon, treating clients as they were waiting for their colour to develop. As she outgrew the space, Joanna went on to rent a room within another hair salon in North Fitzroy and Glamour Queen was born!


The business has grown considerably over the years, developing a strong clientele and great demand for the specialist treatments offered.  Slowing down in 2012 to start a family, Glamour Queen is currently operating out of Joanna's home salon, where she continues to offer Specialist Eyebrow Shaping & Eyelash Extensions. 


Due to her high standards and having the burden of being a perfectionist, Joanna has become known as an “artist” in her field! 


"A well shaped brow has been compared to an instant eye lift! Accentuating and defining your arch gives you a natural lift. 

When shaping your brows it's important that we keep them soft,  well balanced and a thickness that suits your face.

If you have always thought your brows can't be arched, I'm certain they can!  I have yet to come across brows I can't arch and I love a challenge!" 



Glamour Queen Eyebrow Stylist